become a problem solving organization

Business and operational problems are like mountains - challenging to navigate and conquer. 

We can help.


We are professional problem solvers. We are a strategic resource that objectively assesses, supports and executes.  Our resources can develop you and your team on how to solve problems to improve your operation.  We put boots on the ground.  We take action. 

Our resources understand that problems can feel overwhelming and daunting.  Asking for help can feel uncertain, especially if you aren't sure of the return on investment.  We understand and we're here to ensure your success.

We meet you where you are to provide support, resources, and guidance.  Our job is to strategically align with your organization's vision and help you feel more confident about the journey ahead.

We believe:

  • Problems will always exist in every organization.

  • Having problems isn't a bad thing, refusing to communicate or improve them is.

  • Repeated problems occur because the root cause has not been exposed.

  • Following a course of action, a roadmap, to achieve long-lasting sustainable change.

  • Defined, reliable and improvable work tasks will encourage a culture of problem-solving.

  • Engaging more people in problem-solving increases employee engagement and morale.

Our Core Values:  

  • Curiosity - We are comfortable with change and very curious about how and why things are the way they are.  We enjoy trial and error and learning from failures.  

  • Courage - We don't take the easy way out, we believe that courage is leadership with heart.

  • Value - We believe in adding value to your customers. Period.

If you've shopped around for consulting support, the Problem Solving Institute offers a competitive advantage.  Not only do we consult in areas for which we have the expertise, but we are also small business owners who have strategically partnered to form the Problem Solving Institute.  We get it -- the pains, the struggle and the emotion behind leading people and managing a business.  We are movers and shakers. We are tested and vetted.

We offer various types of services, support and hands-on problem-solving services that can align with your business needs easily including staffing solutions.  In fact, you'll be encouraged to see that we don't just point the finger at what's wrong with lengthy reports; we roll up our sleeves and show you how. 

If you've never used a consulting firm before or been burned in the past by consultants, give us a shot.  We are different because we've been there. 

Check out our services to better learn what we have to offer and how we can best serve you.

Our Process

We visit with you to understand your operation and often times, we request to visit your site.  This helps us understand your team, your perspective, your problems, your process/method, and your needs. 


Then, we ensure we understand what you’re up against.  We do this through conversations and through a consistent process where the person you met with, is the person who ensures the right resource is allocated.


Next, you’ll be connected to a trusted partner who has been vetted by our system.  We don’t partner with people who aren’t legitimate problem solvers, consultants or experienced improvement specialists.  


Once you’ve been connected with a trusted partner, we will check in to ensure the fit is good, that you're making progress and that your expectations are being met.