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Deputy Chief Mitchell McKinney

Deputy Chief of Police, FWPD

Foundational Leadership Advisory Board

Fort Wayne, IN

Deputy Chief McKinney's Bio:

Mitchell J. McKinney has been with the Fort Wayne (IN) Police Department since 1999. He serves his department as the director of community relations with the appointed rank of Captain. He has served his department in the areas of vice-narcotics, SWAT, academy staff instructor, and academy supervisor. He has served the State of Indiana as an executive officer for the Fraternal Order of Police from 2016-2020 as well as serving ten years as the local president in Allen County from 2010-2020. McKinney holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Indiana Wesleyan University and serves as a Senior Instructor for the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board specializing in Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO) and Defensive Tactics. McKinney is a current candidate for the Sheriff of Allen County in the 2022 election.


Mitchell McKinney’s Why:

I had the pleasure of meeting Sabrina during my boots-on-the-ground efforts in Fort Wayne during the aftermath of the civil unrest that shook our community.  We have started a friendship that has become a powerful bond in the healing process.  It took no convincing for me to join in this collaborative effort.”