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Stacy Martin

Leadership Advocate

Foundational Leadership Advisory Board

Chattanooga, TN

Stacy's Bio:

Stacy Martin is a Vice President of Business Development at Displaycraft Inc in Dalton, GA. For the last two decades, she has worked with brands and retailers on expanding their presence at retail and growing their business both large and small. Stacy earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Marketing from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. When she is not working, she has been a proud member of The Junior League since 2013, loves to travel, explore farmers’ markets, and experiment in the kitchen. She is also a self-proclaimed leadership and personal development junkie and is always finding ways to grow and evolve as a human as well as expand her understanding of what it is to be her best self at any given moment. She is also a loving mother to the world’s most spoiled canine, Roxie.


Stacy’s Why:

After living in 8 different states, I have put down roots and now call Chattanooga home. I am passionate about making it the best community it can be. This is a way to marry my leadership and personal development journey, passion for community involvement, and social justice work together. This program is much needed for all humans, but I feel honored to begin with law enforcement and support my community in this way.