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Adam Friedel

Criminal Justice Instructor

Foundational Leadership Advisory Board

Auburn, IN

Adam's Bio:

Adam D. Friedel began his career as a confinement officer in 1998 at the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department. He is an honor graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University. Adam would later serve in other roles at the Sheriff’s Department including Assistant Jail Commander, Patrol Duty, Patrol Sergeant, Detective, and Chief Deputy. Additionally, Adam served as a general and physical tactics instructor, a traffic crash investigator and reconstructionist, and clandestine lab detection and dismantling specialist.

In 2017 Adam left the Sheriff's Department to become a dual-credit criminal justice instructor at a local career center that serves 13 high schools.


Adam’s why:

Adam joined the team because he believes that emotional support is the most important asset an officer can have to be successful throughout a long and difficult career.