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Dr. Shelley Prevost


Foundational Leadership Advisory Board

Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Shelley Prevost Bio:

Shelley Prevost is the Co-founder of Big Self School, a personal growth learning community helping people to live more meaningful lives. She is a licensed therapist, educational psychologist, and leadership coach. Shelley was previously the Director of Happiness and partner at Chattanooga-based VC firm, Lamp Post Group, and has also worked as a performance consultant and a startup CEO. After working as a business psychologist and startup executive for over 10 years, Shelley has returned to her roots in positive psychology, promoting self-awareness and emotional intelligence in all their forms. She has written about her work on purpose, relationships, workplace culture, and leadership in columns for Inc. and The Huffington Post. Her work has also appeared in Time, Yahoo Business, Fast Company, LifeHacker, and Business Insider. Passionate about helping women develop authentic leadership, Shelley gave a 2015 TEDx talk entitled "Lead Like a Girl." 


Shelley’s Why:

"I’m excited to collaborate in this work because, quite simply, it’s critically important. If I can lend support or ideas to help leaders rise and communities heal, then that’s a no-brainer for me. I’m in."